The Open Innovation dinner

Thanks everyone for turning up to our noisy experiment in anarchistic business-school and consultant-speak for a new world……..Vlismas

We enjoyed it – we being Eddie Obeng, John Vlismas the comedian and me, especially being able to share with gen-x, -y and baby boomers all in one spot. John Vlismas has a great ability to deconstruct his comedy practice and describe it in terms of leadership and learning – hard to believe when he was talking about the dog he’d sleep with (husky by the way – those eyes!). We’ll present that work at another venue.

What I realised was that talking in a forum of bloggers, comedians, muzos, artists, exec MBAs and CEO’s is the most liberating and challenging of experiences – hell, people tell you what they REALLY think – at the time they think it. Ouch. Wow. Bring it on……..

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing …….. badly, to begin with

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