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The need for courage and optimism..

Speech to Brightest young minds – May 2013 – This is personal challenge to you, and to me to step up to being leader in our society and in business.   The challenge is to work to a sense of purpose and not just to a drive for profits.  Think of the greatest leaders we know

Graduation speech on the need for confidence, courage and optimism

The Chancellor, The Vice-Chancellor & Deputy Vice-Chancellors, The Registrar & Deputy Registrars, The Executive, Members of Academic & Support Staff, Parents and friends of the graduates, The most valued guests of the day, the Graduates: It is a privilege for me today to congratulate you on this graduation. Before I start – I do apologise

Let’s not confuse education with intelligence

As the terrible neglect and damage caused by the apartheid education system gradually starts to subside, we are seeing the manifestation of the natural, real intelligence and capacity of South Africa’s people. For far too long we’ve confused education with intelligence in South Africa. We have assumed education equals intelligence which, of course, is not

Our futures – ideas from the Dinokeng scenarios

According to the latest scenarios about South Africa produced by an energetic group of leaders and thinkers we face three possible futures – Walk Apart into a declining mess of social and national chaos, Walk Behind  into a stagnant state with little creativity and drive, Walk Together into an activist and engaged future with creativity