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The emotionally enabled leader – lessons from aviation

Australians hardly have a reputation for timidity and over-politeness. More the opposite, frankly.  And this is found to be one of the reasons for their remarkable record in flight safety. Unhappy about duty hours and fatigue? Barge into the chief pilot’s office and tell him face-to-face expletives not deleted. The Australian reputation for directness, even

Let’s not confuse education with intelligence

As the terrible neglect and damage caused by the apartheid education system gradually starts to subside, we are seeing the manifestation of the natural, real intelligence and capacity of South Africa’s people. For far too long we’ve confused education with intelligence in South Africa. We have assumed education equals intelligence which, of course, is not

MBAid – MBAs paying it forward around the world

An MBA isn’t a badge, it’s a commitment – a commitment to work for better organisations, communities, nations and for a better life. A unique learning initiative between South African NGOs, the Henley Business School in the UK and Henley Business School in South Africa has provided innovative business solutions for a range of Cape-based

Recasting the MBA – creativity in action

This is an article written about experiments we’re making in remoulding what an MBA can be in a world worth living in: A criticism often levelled at that most illustrious of qualifications, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), is that for all the technical knowledge and skill it imparts on its graduates, it lacks that

The new creatives

Things really, really have changed. The information age has come  – and stayed. Those with the skills for the age have prospered.  The last growth curve has been driven by business services – lawyers, programmers, accountants and sharp-eyed, numerate MBAs. But a new time has arrived.  These skills are still essential, but in terms of

What is strategy?

Whew – how to define strategy? After a lot of teaching, practice and headscratching I still can’t – but this video by a group in the MBA strategy class I teach is one of the best so far… what do you think?