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The emotionally enabled leader – lessons from aviation

Australians hardly have a reputation for timidity and over-politeness. More the opposite, frankly.  And this is found to be one of the reasons for their remarkable record in flight safety. Unhappy about duty hours and fatigue? Barge into the chief pilot’s office and tell him face-to-face expletives not deleted. The Australian reputation for directness, even

Lessons from airline captains

The captain woke, opened his eyes and looked around with dawning horror to see that both the co-pilot and the flight engineer were crumpled, asleep in the seats, as the aircraft flew blithely on cross the ocean. Adrenalin pumping, he roused the others as, horrified and with and hearts pounding, they checked their position. With

Flying lessons for leaders

The training of pilots has parallels for training business leaders. There is a growing need for the development of business leaders who are well equipped to do the job they’re employed to do, and do it with a high level of proficiency and a low number of errors. Commercial pilots have exactly the same requirements

Masterful inactivity – the undertaught skill

Leading in uncertain times (when were they not?) needs confidence. But surely not the blind activist confidence of a red-in-tooth-and-claw A-type leader? ‘Don’t just sit there, DO something!’  Sometimes useful, but often the opposite is truer: ‘Don’t just do something, SIT there’.  It’s how we sit that matters, of course. Consciously, aware, patiently, selectively.  Irvin

Our futures – ideas from the Dinokeng scenarios

According to the latest scenarios about South Africa produced by an energetic group of leaders and thinkers we face three possible futures – Walk Apart into a declining mess of social and national chaos, Walk Behind  into a stagnant state with little creativity and drive, Walk Together into an activist and engaged future with creativity