Strategy is about doing good…

What is strategy about? For me, it’s about doing good. Do good for your customers, improve the quality of their lives and you will have all the business you want. Do good for your employees and collaborators and you will attract talent, create energy, engagement and loyalty. Do good for humanity and the societies around you and you will build meaning into your life and work, energise commitment and networks, and build lifelong relationships, as well as lifting your vision and seeing the broader possibilities and opportunities.

Here’s an example about doing good, this time in an MBA strategy, design and creativity course I ran at the University of Cape Town last month, where 60 students stepped up to a class assignment to have an impact for good, and in the process learn about creative teamworking, by raising over $13000 and with their own hands building a house for a family in a South African Township. Here is the video, first the short version (3 mins) and then the long version (7 mins).

Find more videos like this on CREATEGY

Find more videos like this on CREATEGY

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