Finding your leader’s heart, training your leader’s mind


Hey! You.. gotta..  now! Should.. ought… must…. Danger! Me! Me.. me.. look!

In the cacophony of voices, sound bites, visuals, faces, who are the real leaders? Using the devices more fitting for timeshare selling and the shopping channel, scaremongering self-elected leaders seduce us to their agendas, reframing our realities to theirs and send dog-whistle messages to trigger our basest fears and prejudices. In a corporate and work world where we all seem to need to be ‘leaders’, how can we be true leaders rather than corporate propagandists fronting a thoughtless charge to some tribal supremacy?

I believe we have to find our ‘leader’s heart’ first.

  1. Purpose first. It’s simple. True leaders have causes greater than their egos. Narcissistic leaders have egos larger than their causes.
  2. Accept it’s your turn. You want change? Look behind you. There’s no saviour. Just you. Step into your space, feel the fear and act anyway.
  3. Be open to others. Unless you can feel others’ pain and joy, you can’t reach beyond your frame, your vision and understand what your  service is.
  4. Be open to yourself. You are not perfect and leadership will not perfect you. Instead you will have to take what you are, fears and flaws included, on your path. It’s your imperfections that define you, see them as assets. Laugh at yourself. Then you can be open to others.
  5. Access your courage. Courage is the attribute that makes you, her, me, them, lift from another face in the crowd to become an identifiable activist for your purpose. Courage turns stress to challenge, a mountain to an adventure, a crowd to a movement.




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