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Edu-energy. Changing lives for good.

On those happy occasions when I actually get to the gym, I often wonder about all that sweat & effort going nowhere – why not link the treadmills and machines to generators to power the place and do some planetary good? Similarly I wonder about all those the intellectual heavy lifting in education – why

The annual report…..

Recently, I became interested in how to make the point, simply and with impact, when teaching or presenting about some of the conundra and quirks around strategy. I found some images that work in some way, I think. This one I call the ‘Annual Report’ – it’s an illusion by Shigeo Fukuda. On the left,

Seeing both sides

It’s a complex world, and getting creative answers means seeing many sides of the situations we are in. Graphics can be more powerful than words to reframe the way we see things…. and to provoke our imaginations. I like the impact of these images from Veja magazine in Brazil: Dead or alive… Victory or defeat…