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Keep the energy advantage

Aviators can teach business leaders the importance of managing energy. There is little quite as focusing for a pilot as a suddenly motionless, stalled propeller in an antique biplane without a starter motor, 2,000 feet above hundreds of spectators in the middle of an aerobatic display, without a parachute. I know. It’s happened to me.

Picturing strategy

Anyone ever tell you when you were a kid not to be an artist as it will never get you a job? How totally misguided ….our visual intelligence is every bit as important in strategy as our other intelligences. I’ll look for more examples of this – here’s a good one – from the visual

Rhythm and strategy – thanks, Dave

Dave got me thinking about rhythm – which Dave? This one is Dave Everitt, who is a gifted creative; a songwriter, guitarist and musician, with finesse, fine senses and a fey clarity. Life and its challenges helped him to learn to marshal and manage his energy carefully to stay well and productive. I knew him

What is strategy?

Whew – how to define strategy? After a lot of teaching, practice and headscratching I still can’t – but this video by a group in the MBA strategy class I teach is one of the best so far… what do you think?