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Dean Jon Foster-Pedley discussing Brexit

On Friday we woke to the news of Great Britain’s unexpected and historic decision to exit the European Union – a move that shocked global markets and precipitated global economic uncertainly, including here in South Africa. The vote to leave – dubbed Brexit – has raised the prospect of sustained anxiety as investors struggle to

Make reality your friend

Many are the pathologies of the human mind and one of the greatest of these is its capacity for self-deception, be it via blithe optimism, stark denial or sour cynicism.  Of these, optimism and denial are perhaps the deadliest.  My father, whose flying career started in open-cockpit fabric biplanes, developed in combat in spitfires and

Not speechless, but voiceless

What is the role of a business school when it comes to initiating or participating in public debate and dialogue about the pressing issues that challenge our young society? Should the business schools themselves take a stand on key issues? Or should they only offer a platform on which students and guests can debate such