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Keep the energy advantage

Aviators can teach business leaders the importance of managing energy. There is little quite as focusing for a pilot as a suddenly motionless, stalled propeller in an antique biplane without a starter motor, 2,000 feet above hundreds of spectators in the middle of an aerobatic display, without a parachute. I know. It’s happened to me.

Make reality your friend

Many are the pathologies of the human mind and one of the greatest of these is its capacity for self-deception, be it via blithe optimism, stark denial or sour cynicism.  Of these, optimism and denial are perhaps the deadliest.  My father, whose flying career started in open-cockpit fabric biplanes, developed in combat in spitfires and

Not speechless, but voiceless

What is the role of a business school when it comes to initiating or participating in public debate and dialogue about the pressing issues that challenge our young society? Should the business schools themselves take a stand on key issues? Or should they only offer a platform on which students and guests can debate such

Masterful inactivity – the undertaught skill

Leading in uncertain times (when were they not?) needs confidence. But surely not the blind activist confidence of a red-in-tooth-and-claw A-type leader? ‘Don’t just sit there, DO something!’  Sometimes useful, but often the opposite is truer: ‘Don’t just do something, SIT there’.  It’s how we sit that matters, of course. Consciously, aware, patiently, selectively.  Irvin