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Keep the energy advantage

Aviators can teach business leaders the importance of managing energy. There is little quite as focusing for a pilot as a suddenly motionless, stalled propeller in an antique biplane without a starter motor, 2,000 feet above hundreds of spectators in the middle of an aerobatic display, without a parachute. I know. It’s happened to me.

Lessons from airline captains

The captain woke, opened his eyes and looked around with dawning horror to see that both the co-pilot and the flight engineer were crumpled, asleep in the seats, as the aircraft flew blithely on cross the ocean. Adrenalin pumping, he roused the others as, horrified and with and hearts pounding, they checked their position. With

Re-creating ourselves

I believe we are all born creative. The question is – how can we remain creative as we grow up? And how can we recapture it once we feel we have lost it? As we pass through a repressive education system we can count ourselves lucky if we emerge with much confidence in our own

Recasting the MBA – creativity in action

This is an article written about experiments we’re making in remoulding what an MBA can be in a world worth living in: A criticism often levelled at that most illustrious of qualifications, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), is that for all the technical knowledge and skill it imparts on its graduates, it lacks that

The new creatives

Things really, really have changed. The information age has come  – and stayed. Those with the skills for the age have prospered.  The last growth curve has been driven by business services – lawyers, programmers, accountants and sharp-eyed, numerate MBAs. But a new time has arrived.  These skills are still essential, but in terms of

Edu-energy. Changing lives for good.

On those happy occasions when I actually get to the gym, I often wonder about all that sweat & effort going nowhere – why not link the treadmills and machines to generators to power the place and do some planetary good? Similarly I wonder about all those the intellectual heavy lifting in education – why

Rhythm and strategy – thanks, Dave

Dave got me thinking about rhythm – which Dave? This one is Dave Everitt, who is a gifted creative; a songwriter, guitarist and musician, with finesse, fine senses and a fey clarity. Life and its challenges helped him to learn to marshal and manage his energy carefully to stay well and productive. I knew him