Monthly Archive:: October 2009

Bell curve, schmell curve

I can’t believe it but it’s true – we really do still use the bell curve to manage assessment at schools and universities. OK – I do get the logic about rigour and standards, but it is a dumb, old world logic in my view. My thing about bell-curving assessment is this – 1 standard

Recasting the MBA – creativity in action

This is an article written about experiments we’re making in remoulding what an MBA can be in a world worth living in: A criticism often levelled at that most illustrious of qualifications, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), is that for all the technical knowledge and skill it imparts on its graduates, it lacks that

The new creatives

Things really, really have changed. The information age has come  – and stayed. Those with the skills for the age have prospered.  The last growth curve has been driven by business services – lawyers, programmers, accountants and sharp-eyed, numerate MBAs. But a new time has arrived.  These skills are still essential, but in terms of