Monthly Archive:: March 2008

Seeing both sides

It’s a complex world, and getting creative answers means seeing many sides of the situations we are in. Graphics can be more powerful than words to reframe the way we see things…. and to provoke our imaginations. I like the impact of these images from Veja magazine in Brazil: Dead or alive… Victory or defeat…

Picturing strategy

Anyone ever tell you when you were a kid not to be an artist as it will never get you a job? How totally misguided ….our visual intelligence is every bit as important in strategy as our other intelligences. I’ll look for more examples of this – here’s a good one – from the visual

Rhythm and strategy – thanks, Dave

Dave got me thinking about rhythm – which Dave? This one is Dave Everitt, who is a gifted creative; a songwriter, guitarist and musician, with finesse, fine senses and a fey clarity. Life and its challenges helped him to learn to marshal and manage his energy carefully to stay well and productive. I knew him

What is strategy?

Whew – how to define strategy? After a lot of teaching, practice and headscratching I still can’t – but this video by a group in the MBA strategy class I teach is one of the best so far… what do you think?

On your feet

Improvising is an art – and I was intrigued by Rob Poynton of the small, scattered group of improv actors called ‘On your Feet’ . The group, living in Spain, Ireland and the US, get together for events and bookings anywhere in the world to kindly and with purpose teach some of the ‘hidden rules

Amazing creativity?

“The key question isn’t what fosters creativity? But it is why in God’s name isn’t everyone creative? Where was the human potential lost? How was it crippled? I think therefore a good question might be not why do people create, but why do people not create or innovate? We have got to abandon the sense