Make Reality Your Friend

Many are the pathologies of the human mind and one of the greatest of these is its capacity for self-deception, be it via blithe optimism, stark denial or sour cynicism.  Of these, optimism and denial are perhaps the deadliest.  My father, whose flying career started in open-cockpit fabric biplanes, developed in combat in spitfires and

The emotionally enabled leader – lessons from aviation

Australians hardly have a reputation for timidity and over-politeness. More the opposite, frankly.  And this is found to be one of the reasons for their remarkable record in flight safety. Unhappy about duty hours and fatigue? Barge into the chief pilot’s office and tell him face-to-face expletives not deleted. The Australian reputation for directness, even

Lessons from Airline Captains

The captain woke, opened his eyes and looked around with dawning horror to see that both the co-pilot and the flight engineer were crumpled, asleep in the seats, as the aircraft flew blithely on cross the ocean. Adrenalin pumping, he roused the others as, horrified and with and hearts pounding, they checked their position. With

Flying lessons for leaders

The training of pilots has parallels for training business leaders. There is a growing need for the development of business leaders who are well equipped to do the job they’re employed to do, and do it with a high level of proficiency and a low number of errors. Commercial pilots have exactly the same requirements

The need for courage and optimism..

Speech to Brightest young minds – May 2013 – This is personal challenge to you, and to me to step up to being leader in our society and in business.   The challenge is to work to a sense of purpose and not just to a drive for profits.  Think of the greatest leaders we know

Graduation speech on the need for confidence, courage and optimism

The Chancellor, The Vice-Chancellor & Deputy Vice-Chancellors, The Registrar & Deputy Registrars, The Executive, Members of Academic & Support Staff, Parents and friends of the graduates, The most valued guests of the day, the Graduates: It is a privilege for me today to congratulate you on this graduation. Before I start – I do apologise

Let’s not confuse education with intelligence

As the terrible neglect and damage caused by the apartheid education system gradually starts to subside, we are seeing the manifestation of the natural, real intelligence and capacity of South Africa’s people. For far too long we’ve confused education with intelligence in South Africa. We have assumed education equals intelligence which, of course, is not

Re-creating ourselves

I believe we are all born creative. The question is – how can we remain creative as we grow up? And how can we recapture it once we feel we have lost it? As we pass through a repressive education system we can count ourselves lucky if we emerge with much confidence in our own

Not speechless, but voiceless

What is the role of a business school when it comes to initiating or participating in public debate and dialogue about the pressing issues that challenge our young society? Should the business schools themselves take a stand on key issues? Or should they only offer a platform on which students and guests can debate such

MBAid – MBAs paying it forward around the world

An MBA isn’t a badge, it’s a commitment – a commitment to work for better organisations, communities, nations and for a better life. A unique learning initiative between South African NGOs, the Henley Business School in the UK and Henley Business School in South Africa has provided innovative business solutions for a range of Cape-based