The precariat, the gig economy and African new work.

The precariat is a new social class being formed by people who have an existence without predictability or security – it’s the phenomenon that fuelled Donald Trump’s success and drove Brexit and a global phenomenon that may also make or break business and society in South Africa. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) is

A good business education is key to building our future leaders

Good education design is key to growing our future leaders. Educating our future leaders on shared value creation and the shared economy is key to our success. Most people think educating people is easy, but it is one of the most challenging areas to succeed in. To design learning that is useful, has real outputs

Top 5 trends in executive education for 2017

1. Delivery This is the year that the science of deliverology will really start to take root. People in general are tired of promises, evasions, excuses and buck-passing. And since people make up society, business and government the zeitgeist is ‘make it happen and make it better’. This means that executive education will focus more

Should universities focus on the present or the future?

When listening to people talk about today and the future, I often think they’re really talking about yesterday and today. Especially in universities and academia. Our minds can be so colonized by our institutions and their frames that we cannot easily view a complex international worldly context. The future is embedded in today. It’s not

Finding your leader’s heart, training your leader’s mind

Hey! You.. gotta..  now! Should.. ought… must…. Danger! Me! Me.. me.. look! In the cacophony of voices, sound bites, visuals, faces, who are the real leaders? Using the devices more fitting for timeshare selling and the shopping channel, scaremongering self-elected leaders seduce us to their agendas, reframing our realities to theirs and send dog-whistle messages

It’s better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong….

There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old, bold pilots. Caution, judgement, self-mastery and restraint have prolonged many a career.  The real professionals maintain a healthy self-doubt The only thing scarier than a bug-eyed, white-knuckled, map-shuffling lost pilot is a bold one who is blithely, confidently, flying in exactly the wrong direction to